On the muse

I had a great time creeping under the JRB with my goddess. The James has always had a vital role in the culture and commerce of the communities through which it flows. George Washington envisioned connecting east to west through a system of dependable river travel. He personally surveyed sites for locks and canals on the James River as far west as Eagle Rock. Elevated towpaths used by horses and mules to pull barges are still visible along parts of the river and the remains of locks built by immigrant stonemasons using rock quarried from the nearby mountains can still be seen today.

The James leads to the Chesapeake Bay — the largest estuary in the United States — is an incredibly complex ecosystem that includes important habitats and food webs. The Bay and its rivers, wetlands and forests provide homes, food and protection for diverse groups of animals and plants. Fish of all types and sizes either live in the Bay and its tributaries year-round or visit its waters as they migrate along the East Coast.

Amazing place!