Offerings of the Muse

Check out these muse inspired projects I’ve completed!

Electroforming is a process that uses electrical current to transmit copper from one source to another. While pendants are submerged in the bath, copper particles will migrate from a salvaged copper pipe and “grow” onto the pendant, with the help of conductive paint. Once the desired thickness and texture is achieved, the piece is hand polished. A patina can be added to create depth and make that texture pop!

Preserve a memory forever in copper

Using electroforming I can preserve a shell you found on the beach, a flower from your wedding, or a small pinecone from your mom’s tree. Let me help you keep this memory in an attractive pendant you can wear forever.

Satisfied Mermaids

” I cannot believe how beautiful my seahorses came out. Not to mention she was weeks ahead of her target date for delivery. Meagan has blown me away! “

Carol Nato
Before and after pictures of seahorses. Raw versus copper coated.

” I wanted a cheap yet memorable gift for my bridal party. These seaglass earrings were perfect for my beach wedding. Thanks Meagan”

Rebecca Humphrey